What are the main advantages of building lodges and camps from prefabricated modern yurts?

  • High speed of construction.Yurta is a simple constructor, you will build it in 3 days.
  • Low cost of yurta.
  • After the yurta’s installation you receive a house which does not require interior finishing.
  • An easy replacing of construction at any time in different place if needed.
  • Making first results in profit after 4 months after launch of the project.
  • Big variety of layout and design inside and outside. Also here you will have easy process for conduction of all of important communications: water, electricity and sewage.
  • “Wow” effectin comparison with other types of structures.
  • Wind and sandstorm resistant type of structure because of aerodynamic shape.
  • Different diameters of yurts quadrature of the premise.
Shipping yurts all over the world
Factory production only from quality wood
More than 1500 projects in different countries in 10 years of working

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    Clear acrylic dome.


    Traditional Mongolian Dome.


    Type of roof ın modern yurt.

    Frame, support and door

    Type of traditional yurt frame. The support - is a part of the traditional Mongolian yurt.


    Two-strand, 2-layer insulator PSBS-100, additional moisture-resistant layer, outer Oxford cover or PVC fabric, exclusive ornament.


    The yurt suits you

    As a country house
    The simplest yurt, which is suitable for country house costs 3000 dollars. So it is 5 times more profitable than a regular country house.
    As a guest house
    Cosy accommodation for your guests or chill out zone only for yourself to enjoy the peace and calmness.
    As the main house
    Our yurts are designed on the basis of a framework construction. That’s why you get a ready-made year-round house with exterior and interior decoration.
    For glamping
    Modern stylish glamping, which is far away from the bustle of a bıg city. Combines the comfort of a hotel and the entourage of ethnic culture.
    For business
    A yurt can become an unusual place for a cafe or restaurant, a souvenir shop or a holiday house. You will be able to put a yurt even where ordinary buildings are prohibited.
    As a workshop
    Set up a small factory under the roof of a warm yurt. Or make a yurt your mobile office.

    We are a family of yurt builders

    We are Alexander and Daria. For more than 12 years we have been engaged in the production of Mongolian, Kyrgyz and modern frame yurts. Many people consider the yurt lıke a tent. But this is not the case. A yurt is a full-fledged house, office, cafe and much more. Everything depends on your imagination. Our customers are already enjoying their yurts. Some people live in it, others use it for business. Check out some examples in our photo-video gallery. We offer an excellent eco-product – yurts of various configuration and dimensions. We also produce furniture and other decorations in the national style ıf needed and for individual design. You can even order a yurt as a gift for close people or for a business partner with delivery to any corner of the world. Thank you for choosing us!

    12 years
    For more than 12 years we have been engaged in the production of Mongolian, Kyrgyz and modern frame yurts.
    24 Construction workers
    Our team consists of professional builders - people wıth the best knowledge about traditions of yurt construction.
    350 projects
    350 projects were implemented in 2020. In 2021 the production capacity was increased.
    All over the world
    We work all over the world. Our yurts have already been built in Russia, Canada, Germany and Kazakhstan.
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    Questions and answers

    The yurt is a mobile year-round dwelling with protection from cold, heat, wind and rain, traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia since the XII century.

    Yurts are distinguished by the type of structure into Turkic – common in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolian – traditional for the peoples of Mongolia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Tuva and Tibet.

    In the section catalog of Yurts you can get acquainted with the prices for the yurt and choose the appropriate option.

    Our company produces yurts of five standard sizes:

    • A yurt with a diameter of 5 meters, an area of 21 m².
    • A yurt with a diameter of 6 meters, an area of 29 m².
    • A yurt with a diameter of 7 meters, an area of 40 m².
    • A yurt with a diameter of 8 meters, an area of 51 m².
    • A yurt with a diameter of 9 meters, an area of 63 m².

    We can also make yurts of both larger and smaller sizes, the details are discussed individually.

    The yurt is perfectly suitable as temporary housing when building the main house on its own country plot, and later can be used as a guest house or a summer kitchen.
    Also recently, in Recreation centers, such a type of guest accommodation as living in a yurt is gaining popularity. People strive for exoticism, unity with nature, and a yurt is a great alternative to various houses and hotel rooms.
    In addition, the yurt can be used as:

    • shopping pavilion in the city
    • cafe, ethnic-style restaurant
    • housing in shift settlements for geologists, archaeologists, oil workers, builders in hard-to-reach areas
    • yurts have become especially widespread in ski resorts – as souvenir shops, tea rooms and just rooms for recreation
    • glamping – accommodate your guests in unique conditions

    Now let’s talk about the size of the yurt in the assembled state. Let’s focus on the standards, these are yurts with a diameter of 5.6 and 7 meters.
    The height of the walls and the height of the door jamb are the same – 1.7 m.,
    The dimensions of the door itself (doorway) are 1.4 m high, 0.7 m wide.
    The height of the pillars-supports for the yurt:

    • for a diameter of 5 meters – 2.35 m,
    • for a diameter of 6 meters – 2.6 m.
    • for a diameter of 7 meters – 2.85 m.

    Thus, taking just one step inside the yurt, a person of average height can already be there comfortably and in full height.

    In continuation of the conversation about the installation of the yurt, it will not be superfluous to mention on which surface the yurt will be installed. Another plus of the yurt is its suitability for installation on any surface, depending on the goals and needs pursued by the customer and here each situation is negotiated individually. But in the most common case, when the yurt is installed permanently and for a long time, our company has its own recommendations on the design of the podium for the yurt.
    In particular, as a foundation for the podium, you can use:

    • an ordinary 150×150 bar, dug into the ground,
    • rough floor made of 150×50 boards,
    • 100 mm styrofoam. (foam)
    • plywood as insulation or OSB-plate for finishing the floor.

    For a more complete understanding of the design, our specialists will provide you with all the necessary photos and drawings.

    It is possible, but it is not desirable in the wall itself, this will break the tightness. It is better to make glass inserts in the door.

    As a rule, standard yurts are available. Adaptation to a specific order takes about 7-10 days. Painting the frame in the desired color, applying an ornament, making a cover.
    Individual orders are made 2-3 weeks.

    There are no special problems. A survey of clients shows that the presence of mice, for example, is an isolated case (we have already installed more than 200 yurts), and insects in felt have never been started with proper ventilation and drying of the yurt. Moreover, today, yurts with artificial insulation are more often ordered.

    As for mosquitoes, you can use a mosquito net in the dome area.

    Note that in any private house there is a possibility of the presence of rodents and insects. If there are concerns, then you can do standard prevention – treat the floor insulation with recommended compounds from mice, and ventilate the room more often from insects.
    Our demonstration yurt has been standing for the 4th year, we have never seen mice and moths have not started.

    The yurt is easy to assemble and, as a rule, most of our customers install it themselves. Together with the yurt, we attach detailed instructions with photos and comments on its assembly, and our specialists will also consult you by phone on any questions that arise during the assembly process.
    On the territory of Krasnoyarsk and its environs, our company has an additional service, the assembly of the yurt by our specialists directly on your territory, the details are discussed individually in our office.
    Another significant advantage of the yurt is the possibility of its quick assembly / disassembly and transfer to another place if necessary, which is especially important in our country if you use the yurt as a shopping pavilion. We received an order for demolition – we moved to the next street in a day.

    Traditionally, stove heating is used for these purposes and our yurts are fully adapted to any wood-burning stove. We recommend furnaces and a complete set of a chimney to our clients.
    But considering that we live in the 21st century, and technologies have long stepped over the usual wood-burning stove, you can use modern types of heating: electric, gas, convector, infrared, etc. And also provide a yurt with a warm floor and other comfortable appliances.

    The composition of the yurt
    Wooden frame made of dry pine, which includes:

    • lattice walls – sliding structures of the “accordion” type (“khans”),
    • support pillars (“bagans”),
    • a light-smoke hoop (“tono”),
    • rafter poles (“uni”)
    • door.

    Consider the materials used for the interior and exterior decoration of the yurt:
    The inner cover for the yurt. In the standard version, this is a white cover made of cotton fabric, but other color solutions are also possible, discussed individually.
    Insulation. One or two layers of felt are used as insulation, depending on which climatic zone the yurt will be installed in. We use only natural yurt felt GOST 16221-79, 8-10 mm thick. It is also possible to use synthetic insulation – holofiber.
    A special membrane between the felt and the outer cover of the yurt. It is made of moisture-proof, but vapor-permeable material. Provides the exit of moisture from the yurt, formed in the process of human activity, as well as to prevent the appearance of mold. The use of such a membrane allows not only to maintain a comfortable microclimate inside the yurt, but also significantly increases the service life of the felt.
    External moisture-proof and vapor-permeable cover. It is used for the main protection of the yurt from external conditions. At the request of the customer, it can be decorated with either a traditional Mongolian ornament or a corporate logo of the customer.
    Transparent dome made of acrylic glass. It is fixed on a special hardware on a light-smoke hoop, which allows it to be opened for ventilation of the yurt. This is an exclusive detail of our yurts, because in traditional technology, just a cloth cape is used. When bad weather comes, you simply close the dome, and do not run out into the street and, pulling on various ropes, pull on a cape that covers all sunlight, besides does not give 100% moisture protection.
    All of the above details are included in the standard equipment of the yurt.

    From 500 to 900 kg, depending on the diameter.

    The yurt can be perfectly zoned with the help of partitions. It is not a problem to build in a bathroom. Modern technical solutions allow us to do this.

    When your yurt is ready, we immediately inform you. If you are in Krasnoyarsk or the surrounding area, an ordinary Gazelle is enough. Our specialists carry out loading and the yurt is delivered to the specified address.
    If you are outside of Krasnoyarsk, we contact the transport company, and it delivers your yurt to the specified address.